Uriah Oxford Abstract Artist


Uriah Oxford is an artist from Bossier City, Louisiana working mainly in Abstract art. He started painting 19 years ago after reading about how the art group known as the "New York School" approached painting. Instead of painting the outer world these painters sought to paint what was on the inside. Uriah felt this would be an interesting activity to serve his curious mind. This simple act of curiosity immediately became an insatiable obsession. But it also became the best way to deal with internal struggles and pain.

A main theme in Uriah's work is how individuals who have been subjected to trauma show up in the world. The heavily textured canvases have moments of light, darkness, thinness, scars, partial images, hidden things and sections on the edge that appear untouched or unfinished. All of these layers--and absences-- suggest defense and vulnerability as one navigates a world that is at times uncertain. His choice of found materials mixed with oil, acrylic, spray paint, modeling paste, grout, and twine create surfaces that appear to be randomly composed by the rules of nature. The textural cues are taken from the bayous of Louisiana that he was raised in as child. "The bayou was my refuge--my place to explore and see things, mud was my palette, found objects like old coke bottles, cypress knots, and rusty metal were my sculpture materials. A place that is ordinarily dangerous was my safe place."

Uriah has recently been exhibiting in Louisiana and has won awards at The Tom Peyton Arts Festival (2018 and 2019) as well as other exhibition awards in Louisiana.

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